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Damn, we miss y’all! This pandemic has altered a lot of our plans for 2020, including expanded workshops and partnerships, but we promise we are working on ways to continue our female-led self-defense education in the safest way possible. As soon as the science and numbers indicate that we can safely gather, we will let you know. 

More importantly though, there has been a social revolution happening in recent weeks and we need all hands on deck to keep the fight going strong. F.L.A.G.’s mission has always been to empower those in our community that need it most, not just limited to womyn. Black. Lives. Matter. Not just last week, not just this week on your social media feeds, but every damn day.

We encourage you to keep pushing, keep talking, keep listening to BIPOC leaders and activists. Keep donating, keep having uncomfortable talks with family and friends, keep supporting black businesses, musicians, artists, individuals in need. Don’t be afraid to be wrong, but keep yourselves open to new information and ways of thought. 

We’ve got so much work to do. 

Below we have curated an easily digestible list

of organizations, resources, articles, and places to donate during this social revolution. 


If you feel unsafe protesting in the streets, get involved with your voice.


Tools and safety protocols for protests.

Educate Yourself

Anti Racism for beginners.


Donate directly to victims of police brutality, protestors & bail funds.

Support Black Businesses

Redistribute white wealth to lift Black owned businesses.

Reading List

Intro to radical politics.

Social Justice Pages

Your Social Justice Directory.

Black Voices To Uplift

Movies, Documentaries, Books, Blogs, Etc.

Anti-Racism for Parents

Raising Anti-Racist Children

RVA Bail Fund

Restore the presumption of innocence to defendants. 

Notary Public For Trans POC

Direct email to Lisa Gaudet who aims to work with trans folks looking to change their names to create a safe space free of charge.

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