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My daughter and I had an amazing experience at Fight Like A GRRRL. Sally Rose and her crew took a difficult topic and turned it into one of empowerment! They were both knowledgeable and  extremely supportive, as they led us out of our comfort zone. We learned so much and we are going back again to increase our skills and reaction time. I have to say, it was nice to share this with my daughter! I want her to be aware. I want her to be empowered. I want her to have skills that will better prepare her for our world. Both Charlie and I spoke about our experience with co-workers and friends; and they want to join us the next time.  So go! You won’t regret it!

Fight Like A Grrrl Club is an amazing organization that promotes respect, safety and well-being.  Check out their upcoming training events or book FLAG for corporate or group confidence building and hands on self defense training.

Best self defense for all girls to learn.

"So grateful to have a resource like this in the community! I came away feeling much more empowered! So much great information presented clearly and in a memorable way - could not recommend more highly!"

"WOW. What an incredible training. Such a badass and empowering experience all around!"

"The vibe in the room was very open, encouraging, supportive,

with varied levels of experience... It was affirming to improve

over the course of 3 hours!"

Thank you for organizing the event.  My 10th grade daughter came home and demonstrated multiple defensive strategies for varying levels of aggression and attacks.  She demonstrated confidence, skill, and flexibility in adapting to a wide variety of situations that may arise.  The summary sheet will be helpful in reminding her what she learned, too. I was impressed! 

This was awesome! I got a great workout, in a really safe and supportive space, and I still feel awesome hours later. I learned I could actually do things I never thought I was capable of.  Thanks Sally & Josh! Can't wait to do this again!

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